Are You Ready for The Detox Challenge?

Our team at Unity Medicine will be participating in The 21 Day Detox Challenge - an online Functional Medicine-based group detox experience - September 4-29!

Every day of the Challenge, you will be presented with a theme, an expert speaker, text, and tools to take you seamlessly through the adventure of cleansing and nourishing your physiology and psychology. Features include:

  • Community support through a special, private Facebook group page to guide you along the way of the complete detox process
  • Special focus on the healing benefits of phytonutrients with recipes, facts, and tidbits
  • Bountiful sharing of tips, recipes, and news-to-use from IFM Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners
  • Detox Challenge Guidebook of everything needed to take you through a transformation of body, mind, and spirit
  • An integrated view of all types of toxins in your life, focused on physical body, but also emotional-mental toxins, making for a more complete and thorough detox with greater impact on your health

Join Unity Medicine & register HERE for the $47 Detox Challenge!