#FedUpChallenge Surprising Sources of Sugar

We’ve reached the final day of our Ten Day Sugar Free Challenge! I hope you all found it to be as enlightening as I did.

Here are a few types foods in which the UnityMedicine team was surprised to find added sugar:

1. Sauces and Dressings

Almost all processed and packaged sauces have added sugar - this includes hot sauces, salad dressings, stir fry sauces, hummus, and pasta sauces. I learned to make my own hummus (so easy!) and used that to dress my salads. They came out more delicious than ever before.

2. Deli Meats

Every packaged deli meat (and most of the deli counter meats) that I encountered had added sugar. This was surprising to me (why add sugar to meat?) I avoided all deli meats and chose only organic cuts when including meat in my meals.

3. Yogurt

The probiotic benefits of yogurt make it a healthy choice, but the majority of yogurt products have tons of added sugar. The best option is to eat locally made yogurt or plain greek yogurt. I like to add cinnamon and chia seeds to my yogurt to spruce it up.  

4. Dried Fruits

Even very sweet dried fruits, like mangos, often have added sugar. Also, it is much easier to eat a lot of fruit when it has been dehydrated! It’s best to save your dried fruit eating for times of high calorie expenditure, like backpacking excursions.

Thank you so much for joining UnityMedicine in the #FedUpChallenge. We hope you will continue to be mindful of how much sugar you take into your body each day. Let’s reverse the rampant growth of sugar-fueled chronic diseases. Live vibrantly, sugar free!