Integrative Pediatrics

Dr. Grasser is happy to care for your child with the same integration of knowledge he provides for his adult patients. As a father, he understands the challenges and joys of raising a child and navigating the health care system on behalf of your child. Dr. Grasser is happy to recommend natural remedies for a variety of common illnesses or natural developmental challenges facing your child, such as teething, colds, fevers, skin conditions, or behavioral issues.

Vaccination / Immunization

Dr. Grasser is open to discussion about the potential benefits and risks of vaccination to your child. He can point you to a variety of resources to help guide your research so that you can make an informed decision.

 Pediatric Nutrition

Dr. Grasser is a strong advocate of starting your child’s nutrition with breastfeeding, and can advise you on breastfeeding and proper nutrition throughout your child’s life. This includes the nutrition of the mother. He can also work with you regarding any healing diets which may benefit your child to address conditions such as allergies (food and environmental), eczema, obesity, epilepsy, and more.

 Antibiotic use

Dr. Grasser understands the inherent risks of antibiotics when given to children, especially with regard to the health of the developing gut and the formation of the intestinal microbiome. He only suggests pharmaceutical antibiotics when absolutely necessary, following the most up-to-date pediatric standards.  When antibiotics are necessary, he will help support your child’s intestinal health and the use of naturally occurring antimicrobials when appropriate.

Dr. Grasser is incredible with my daughter (7yrs old) who has had health issues since she was born-and she has seen him for the past 61/2 years. He is courteous, gentle, and has an innate ability to make you feel at ease even in the most stressful health situations. As a social worker, mother, and health advocate the knowledge and care I have witnessed in Dr. Grasser’s practice is of top quality. I give him outstanding reviews and recommend him for all seeking family practice and Ayurvedic health services.
— C. Busch, age 34, mother