Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a patient at Dr. Grasser’s?

  • Currently, we do have a waiting list and invite you to join our waiting list on our website under “New Patients.”

Should I choose a primary care appointment or an Ayurveda consultation?

  • If you need direct evaluation and management of Western disease, routine tests ordered, or prescription medication, this will need to be done in a primary care appointment. An Ayurveda consultation is best if you want a holistic approach to your health, an Ayurveda assessment of your constitution and state of balance, discussion of proper diet for you, herbal/nutraceutical/supplement recommendations, and lifestyle recommendations.

Is Ayurveda covered by my insurance?

  • No. Ayurveda is not covered by any insurance company.

Why can I not come in for a primary care appointment and get an Ayurveda consultation included?

  • As mentioned above, Ayurveda is not covered by insurance. Furthermore, to properly suggest Ayurveda practices, lifestyle recommendations, herbs, and Ayurveda treatments requires a thorough interview about someone’s lifestyle, daily routine, habits, relationships, home/work/school environment, and more. This needs to be followed by proper education. This takes time, and insurance companies do not reimburse for this time and approach. This is why it is standard medical practice to receive a 15 minute appointment from a doctor, Nurse Practitioner, or PA in any primary care office. An initial Ayurveda appointment, however, is a full 60 minutes.

Do I need a follow-up appointment to discuss abnormal labs, new clinical issues, or to receive new prescriptions?

  • Yes. The doctor will need to see you to perform necessary history, physical exam, and education regarding these needs. This is standard-of-care and good medical practice.

Why can’t the doctor answer my questions via email?

  • As mentioned above, the doctor will need to see you for your needs. Furthermore, email is not considered secure according to HIPPA laws, which protect the safety of your health information. We apologize for any inconvenience.

What types of insurance do you take for Western Medicine?

  • We take most private insurance plans, though we do have limited openings for new patients on some plans. Please call for current status. Remember, however, that anyone can come for an Ayurveda Consultation or Treatment.