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Ayurveda Consultations

Dr. Grasser provides consultations both in-person and via Skype and phone. If you would like to make an appointment, please complete our new patient waiting list and someone will return your call or e-mail as soon as possible.

We offer:

  • 60 Minute Initial consultation

  • 90 Minute Initial Consultation

  • Follow-up consultation with Dr. Grasser (half hour)

Ayurveda Body Treatments

  • Marma Therapy (acupressure) Inquire for a customized treatment with Dr. Grasser.


In early January, 2014, I sought Dr. Eric’s advice to guide me in the process of starting my Ayurvedic practice in the US. His years of knowledge and experience in the Medical and Alternative Health industries were immediately evident as he quickly covered a wide range of business and legal requirements, several of which were new to me. Although I had run a successful Pancha Karma center in India after completing BAMS, I needed to understand the process in the US and receive clear advice on prioritizing my efforts. Dr. Eric helped me with both of those, and more, by providing contacts and information about legal issues, business creation and management, insurance, restrictions on practice, licensure, required documentation, avenues of marketing and promotion and even personal local contacts who are active in the field. All of this valuable information was shared with a caring attitude and genuine concern for the development and advancement of Ayurveda in US. I sincerely appreciate your help, Dr. Eric, and look forward to working with you again soon!
— Jessica Vellela, BAMS, founder Ayurvillage.