Personalized Lab Testing

Functional Medicine is Personalized Medicine. 

To achieve an understanding of your individuality, Dr. Grasser can use special laboratory testing to investigate processes, systems, and functions. Below are only some of the tests and what they assess. He can then use his scientific knowledge and vast experience to interpret the tests and prescribe treatments which are right for you.


Test example:

What it investigates:


Nutritional status: vitamins, minerals, fats

Energy metabolism

Heavy metal burden

Specialized stool testing

Status of healthy bacteria

Unwanted pathogens (bacteria, yeast/fungus, parasites)

Inflammation in the gut

Digestion, absorption

Detoxification Panel

Function of detoxification pathways (chemicals, drugs)

Heavy metal testing

Heavy metal burden and elimination

Cardiovascular testing

Specific cholesterol parameters, other cardiovascular risk factors

Genomics panels

Individual variation in genes which impact disease risk

Food allergy panels

Food allergy and sensitivity

Hormone panels

Hormone levels, adrenal function

He’s a scientist, and that’s what I was looking for.
— Chris, age 67