Detox Challenge

Dr. Grasser is inviting you to participate in the Detox Challenge sponsored by the Institute for Functional Medicine. We will be participating in the Detox Challenge from September 4th to September 29th. You can learn more by visiting our Detox Challenge page. If you are curious about whether or not you need to detoxify, you can begin by asking yourself a few questions. Do I experience fatigue, pain, or have inflammation? Do I have unresolved chronic health issues like chronic gut problems? Am I frequently exposed to several toxic chemicals in my work or home environment? Do I want to feel more vibrant and vital? If so, consider participating in the Detox Challenge with us.

We will be hosting a Detox Challenge Check-In on Monday September 15th in Santa Fe. If you would like to join us for the Check-In, please e-mail us your request to

To find out more about the Detox Challenge please watch Dr. Grasser on the video below.

UnityMedicine #FedUpChallenge

UnityMedicine is gearing up to participate in the #FedUpChallenge, and to go sugar free for 10 Days! Starting on June 9th Dr. Grasser and his staff will be cutting out added sugar from their diets. We are asking you to take charge of your health and your sugar cravings by participating with us. Dr. Grasser will be blogging, and posting updates on Facebook and Twitter. We also encourage you to see the movie Fed Up so you can learn more about the food industry and sugar. Dr. Grasser is also just back from the Institute for Functional Medicine Annual International Conference on Food and Nutrition. On Facebook and Twitter you can see his tidbits from this wonderful conference.

We are promoting the #FedUpChallenge because sugar is one of the major causes of chronic disease from diabetes and obesity to premature aging. We want you to be healthy, and one way that you can live a healthier life is by cutting out added sugar from your diet. 

Do you think you are able to cut out added sugar from your diet for 10-Days?

If so, here's how it works:

1. Cut out all added sugar from the foods you eat. This includes soda, fruit juice, and beverages with added sugar as well as any food with added sugar. A list is provided for you to follow.

2. Cut out all refined grains, go for whole grains and whole foods.

3. Read the labels of the food that you buy. Sugar or some form of sugar is added to 80% of all food products on the market.

4. You can eat the sugar that is naturally found in fruit, grains, vegetables, and milk.

5. Check out the website for the #FedUpChallenge for more information or you can check out our website for more information.

Here are the 56 names of sugar that are added to food and beverages to avoid during the challenge.

We are looking forward to sharing our sugar-free experience with you.

The UnityMedicine Team